• Durham, North Carolina

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    When it comes to the most scenic and picturesque places to live in the United States, central North Carolina is very high on the list. Durham is located almost dead center of North Carolina. With a population of around two hundred and fifty thousand residents, it still manages to provide a very warm and welcoming small town atmosphere. Durham is part of the Research Triangle and boasts both the North Carolina Central University and the prestigious Duke University. If you are looking for a career in medicine, then Durham is a great place for you to find a job, as it is known as The City Of Medicine. Healthcare is one of the key industries here, with over 300 medical or health oriented companies and medical practices in the area.
    Another strong draw bringing people into Durham is the fact that the community on the whole is very highly educated, as well as displaying a dedication to development and research; which is no surprise as the town is situated at the center of the Research Triangle, which connects North Carolina University, North Carolina State University, and the prestigious Duke University. There are plenty of large scale technology companies in the area who enjoy the benefits of the spectacular skill sets many of the locals possess here. If you are looking to be part of a unique and special community that places a high value on personal development, Durham is a good place to start your career.
    If you are considering relocating to North Carolina, you might be wondering what the real estate market currently looks like in Durham; at the moment, it is appreciating steady growth. Plenty of houses are being built constantly in Durham, and there are also some beautiful older homes available to buy. The median price for a house here is roughly $200,000 – which is a very reasonable price considering the fact that the average yearly income here is higher than most other locations in the United States. These homes vary greatly in size and style, with many situated on large lots with plenty of land – if you are looking for a new start in life in a town that ensures great opportunities both personally and professionally, then Durham could be the perfect place for you!

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